10 Ways to Build Your Blog Community with Twitter

Every blogger, no matter how ambitious or dedicated to his or her blog – wants a community around it. Easier said than done of course. To build a community you have to get people engadged around the premise of your content and then make it as easy for them to interact as possible. Both with you and each other.

Create Your Blog Community

3 Reasons Why Twitter Rocks for Your Community

It’s less tedious than forums. As any other type of website, forums have a specific organization scheme that users need to learn. Put in there signatures, private messages, subforums – and it’s not really the simples solution. Also, a forum you create has to start from scratch. From zero users to a community. What if you have both article comments and a forum – what will the user choose to do? With too many choice, he may just end up staying quiet.

It’s more effective than e-mail because you’re communicating to the community. While e-mail is personal, what happens when you get to much e-mail? What happens when you stop responding to people? Ok, so they might understand that you’re busy, but that’s not the right way to get your community going, is it? With microblogging, people know you’re around. They get it. The community is getting it’s feedback – in public.
Accessible everywhere – browser, desktop, mobile,… With all the tools and ways to access both Twitter or your own microblogging network, you choose the way you want to engage your readers. You might have 10 minutes on the bus perhaps. Just pull out your iPhone and get some feedback in. Never again will you want to share a thought with your readers and not be able to do so.

10 Ways to Empower Your Community with Twitter

  1. Ask questions to your readers. What do they think about the topics you are covering, covered or plan to cover? Thoughts? Opinions?Since microblogging networks put a limit on how many characters you can write people have to get to the point. Keeping it simple means all the feedback you get is meaningful.
  2. Answer questions. Ok, so answering all your e-mail is going to lead to e-mail bancruptcy pretty quickly. By having a Twitter account or maybe even your own dedicated network you can crowdsource your community questions. You may not know the answer, but I’m one of your followers does. Or one of his followers. Microblogging lets information circulate quickly, giving people the i nformation they need – when they need it.
  3. Share the passion and linkup. What makes a real community are shared interests and passions. Your readers may love reading your articles, but why stop there. Link up other articles on the topic you cover. Give your readers a chance to explore videos, PDFs. By doing so, you strenghten your relationship with them. There on the inside, and you’re one of the guys sharing the good stuff.
  4. Follow the trends and create hashtags. Trend such as #FollowFriday have become rituals in their own right. By participating in them you can gain exposure since a lot of users monitor certain hashtags. Also, you can create your own meme. Love movies? Start #ThrillerThursday and encourage people to recommend interesting thrillers.
  5. Monitor the Twittersphere. With the help of Twitter search, you can monitor Twitter for terms relating to your topic. Say you write about stocks. Monitoring the term “stocks” lets you engage people who are interested in your topic. They have a question? Well – go on – help them!

    Your Community + Microblogging
    Your Community + Microblogging
  6. Be accessible yet private. With a blog, you become a public figure. Yes, your blog gives you a celebrity-like status to your readers. You the blogger. With time, people want to know more about you, but forums and e-mail make it hard. Microblogging on the other hand gives your community a backchannel into your life. So we discovered that Jason Calacanis loves his dogs and Kevin Rose drinks a lot of tea. The same applies to your own followers. They do want to know those little interesting quirks that sum you up as a person. Through Twitter you can share the little moments you want to share, while still keeping your privacy.
  7. Host contests and offer goodies. Namecheap runs “Fun Facts” Twitter contests. Every hour on the hour Namecheap asks a question and if you answer it correctly you get a $10 credit to your Namecheap account. Two of the players who answer the most questions in the period of two weeks get a Dell Inspiron Netbooks. Basically, they are teaching their community to pay attention. Their tweets don’t go unnoticed. Hosting a contest in terms of getting a response from the community is not hard since there’s basically no entry barrier.
  8. Feature your fans and retweet. Retweeting is also part of the Twitter culture. Basically, if you find something interesting on Twitter, you quote or “retweet” the message, crediting the user who posted it. With your own community you can do the same thing. When a prominent blogger features one’ tweet its like saying “This guy /gal is cool, and this tweet is even cooler”. Social proof you need to use.
  9. Offer them the world. By letting people engage you through Twitter or your own microblogging network you’re introducing them to a whole new level of social networking. By teaching things like how to retweet, use various tools and so on you’re impowering the community. People like to learn stuff and they respect people who show them things. I know I still respect the guy who taught me what RSS feeds were, and yes – I follow him on Twitter.
  10. Let them speak. Giving your community a chance to speak is at the essence of each and every of the things we went through in this article. In that spirit, what would you do to build your blog community with Twitter and microblogging?
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Ivan Brezak Brkan
  • janetti !

    thanks for the really nice, concise article. as a community manager, (for the Web 2.0 Expo) all of this is right on. 🙂

  • Great text guys, really comprehensive guide to twittering now I could start following these rules instead of just trollin around 🙂

    Btw. I RTed this 🙂

  • Nice post. I’ve been trying to explain these things to people who just don’t get the advantage of being on twitter. I’ll pass this on to them.

  • Great post!

  • Some great ideas. Contests might really help a mid level blog take off, and twittering helps provide a whole new way to speak back to your readers.

  • Ivan Brezak Brkan

    Glad you liked the article guys and (a) gal ;), thanks for the feedback! 🙂

  • yournaturalpet

    Thanks for a good article – all good ideas to build relationships, which is what I want for my healthy pet business. I’ll be sharing it on twitter!

  • Excellent Twitter info for us new people – thanks

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  • Twitter is really a wonderful tool, and the possibilities it gives us never end.

    However, it’s not so easy to be used…

    First of all, most people that follow you don’t do that because they care about what you are going to show them with your messages, links and comments, but because they want to be followed by you, and if you won’t follow them back, they will stop following you, what is quite disappointing, especially when it happens many times.

    Sometimes I have the impression that nobody is following anyone, but only posting their messages, hoping to get everyone’s attention and be followed by more people, without reading anything.

    Besides this problem, I find it very difficult to enter in contact with people I don’t know. I tried three times to follow people that mentioned my keywords, but I was never followed by them, and I felt that they looked at me as if I was someone who was fishing followers… I didn’t like this position and this is why I never did it again.

    I tried also to answer a few questions for many people, but again I felt that they considered me as if I was someone helping them only because I was looking for followers, and I never did that again too…

    Perhaps I should spend more time there, so that I could find ways to interact with all these people.

    I like Twitter very much and I post my messages there everyday, besides not having a group yet. I use it to give lessons to my followers. I keep posting the articles I write everyday, besides a few comments and explanations, while following marketers, experts of various fields on the internet, people that belong to my fields or to similar ones, people that I admire and I think that teach me something useful, and a few of my online friends, only because we have met before, we did something together, etc.

    It’s very nice to see their pictures, and read what they write… The short sentences we use are very practical and I feel that Twitter is really the best social networking site today. It’s much better than forums and blog comments, without a doubt!

  • you got it right. now, im quite getting addicted to twitter. its easier to connect with people in this platform, its like a cellular phone which you can send sms worldwide.

    building a community not only of followers but of friends on twitter is more important.

    but there are also people who i must say abuse the power of twitter, and it of course back fires on them.

  • Nice post! Thanks!

  • Mr T Dude

    Pretty basic stuff. You don’t mention how to stop a twitter community being clogged by the 10% of people who write 90% of the comments and make it seem cliquey and inaccessible

  • I do not agree with half of number 8 “retweet”. This can be annoying twitter users sometimes as many users now are RT

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  • Great article! Will definitely share this with lots of people to help spread the love and insight. This is really helpful info to get people more engaged in both fun and meaningful ways.

  • Great article! Will definitely share this with lots of people to help spread the love and insight. This is really helpful info to get people more engaged in both fun and meaningful ways. (YsnJen on Twitter)

  • Interesting ideas. I am new to the world of twitter and found these ideas most helpful!

  • nice tips! I do need to start using hashtags more often

  • I find it hard to understand, how do you know if people really do read my blog..

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    Some good basic stuff in here. I think it boils down to access. Readers want more access and Twitter is a low-impact way to give it to them. Now if we could just get more readers who want that access… 🙂

  • I’m crazy about the simple distinctions you’ve made in the post! Glad I found you today. I’ll be RTing your insights this week and keeping my tuner set for more…

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  • Great article with lots of reminders for all of us. Sometime we forget the little things that make Twitter such an awesome tool for those of us who are involved in it.
    I look forward to sharing this information with my followers and will remember to engage in some of the items you mentioned.

  • Thanks for the great info. Love your material. Was on your bootcamp call with Joel Comm on You Tube as well and enjoyed that as well!

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    miss emily88 🙂

  • I just started in wordpress and twitter is helping me grow that. I agree that twitter is an engaging platform and I appreciate the 140 limit to get to the point 🙂

    Johni Louise

  • Great article. About Namecheap: can anyone offer any further insight on this marketing method in a social network arena? Every instinct tells me it turns communities off?

  • Wonderful post can’t wait to implement some of these techniques to see results

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    loved it al l=)

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    Wishing you GOD’S BEST in all of your endeavors


  • Of late, I have been reading about and experiencing delays and shut-downs of Twitter. If this is caused by recent the rapid increase in users I have been reading about, the traffic may be another indication that Twitter is a wave of the future, assuming the technical difficulties are solved.

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  • I really loved your article here. You made some great point here.

    Several of them I have adapted but not put them in a context like you describe here.

    If I not already follow you on Twitter, I most definitive will.

    Article is bookmarked and I send a tweet too 🙂


  • Great tips. I just started using Twitter last week and I am trying to harness its power for my blog.

  • Great info…a MUST read for anyone serious about Twitter. Tweeting it to my followers as we speak…Thanks

  • Very helpful information. I love it when I learn new ways to be productive. I’m so glad I discovered you guys.

  • Twitter. Use it. See what happens. Hope for the best.

    Blogging. Use it. Write it. If people like it then great, if people don’t then fine.

    Blogging should be first and foremost for the blogger.

    Don’t Twitter solely to drive traffic. Use it because you want to.

    Try and avoid jumping on any kind of bandwagon.

    *rolls eyes*

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    It’s amazing how fast Twitter is becoming a “must use” application!

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  • castercomm

    Thanks for taking the time, very informative.

    Engaged (engadged) in mispelled in the opening paragraph

    Call me curmudgeonly but I hate that spelling and grammar have been thrown away in favor of microblogging, texting and the need to fill a 24-hour information cycle.

    I use and benefit from the very services I’m bitching about but if I were to offer rules to an aspiring blogger, one would be: Build your credibility and community by offering compelling content and taking the time to proof.

    As the media becomes an all-digital world and “journalists” fade away, our language will continue to erode. Oh well.

    #2 in your Twitter section bankruptcy (bancruptcy)

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  • Thanks for the tips! I am a noob on twitter. This will help with my Real Estate business & drive people to my blog.

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    Isn’t ambitious spelled with ambitious with a “T”?

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  • great post, love tips on twitter… I have been utilizing twitter since 2007 when it first came out and it just keeps getting better and better, nice post

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    at this time, i am trying to learn more about twitter and considerate which kind of help it can gives me…

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    I gotta admit, I love the mysterious, questioning look you give in your picture

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    Masterly… Are the typo mis-spellings of the words ambitious and engaged left in for any reason? They certainly draw the eye on WordPress Home page. Twittering is for the young, of course. I have nothing to contribute to the world of today…

  • Have a question …

    Quick Background: I have a twitter account under “10High” which is kind of a starting offshoot of my newly created blog called “10High”. I also have my own twitter account under my own name (eli_madden) …

    Question: Would it be best to keep these two separate, or combine my 10High twitter account under my regular account?

    Just curious as I am new to the twitter world (WHERE HAVE I BEEN?).

    Any advice is helpful. Thanks.

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    lets hope and see if my blog stats rocket from 5 -500 so I won’t be so obsessed with checking my followers every 10 minutes:-)

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    We are using twitter to help build a community of Canadian Biotechnolgists – a pretty specialized group. Drop by for a peak at http://cbt20.org.

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    Your spelling is awful. Engadged. Bancruptcy…

    I don’t trust people who can’t spell to know what they’re talking about. They might be wrong about that too.

  • Terrible spelling, poor writing.

    @cashp – Yes, absolutely.

  • There’s some good info here. Just because of some typos and spelling errors, doesn’t mean the person doesn’t know what they’re talking about.

    Thanks for sharing these useful tips 🙂

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    Twitter’s become such an essential and powerful tool for online community. Quick and easy way to build a user base and encourage participation!

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  • What’s Twitter?

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  • Twitter is just another pointless step in the social media world. I’m sorry, but there are a lot of businesses out there who don’t NEED microblogging at all. In fact, its just a distraction. Yes, its an easy way to avoid dealing with people 1 on 1, but that’s a bad thing, right? Spend time helping people individually, and you’ll develop a far more powerful ‘community’ – who are likely to work for you, by giving you word of mouth recommendations.

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  • The only thing that scares me is getting started… creating a twitter account with no followers! Micro blogging to noone seems almost as bad as blogging to noone… but you gotta start somewhere I guess.

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