Top 5 most asked questions about mobile application development

This list is compiled from my 5+ years of experience as a mobile app developer, CEO of a mobile app development company and CEO of ShoutEm. Over that stretch, I’ve been in contact with clients almost every day and usually the questions were pretty much the same. I hope this list will be useful to you, and don’t hesitate to ask me more questions through comments on this post, my Twitter account or email if you know my address ;).

1. How much will it cost?

Between $15K and $50K.

I’m talking about a typical custom developed app for your store, sports club, school, college, news portal, a music festival you are organizing, etc. That is the price for iPhone or Android only. It really depends on the level of complexity.

2. How long does it take to develop?

2–6 months.

It basically looks like this:

  • 1–3 weeks to have initial wireframes so that developers can start coding
  • 2–4 weeks for designers to design your app and hand it over to developers
  • 1–4 months to develop the beta version of the app
  • 1–2 months to test and to make it bug free.

3. Does it run on all mobile phones?


iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Nokia, Windows Phone 7 all run different operating systems and are programmed in different programming languages. You will not only need the same budget for every platform but you will also need different developers and design teams for each platform.

4. How will people find my app?

Through the app stores and your website.

Users of iPhones and Android phones know pretty well where to look when they need an app. AppStore and Android Market are the Googles of the mobile phone. No need to push SMS with download links, QR codes, email campaigns etc.  Another channel is your website. If an app is built around your website just promote it there, and again users will look for it in mobile app stores on their phones.

5. How I can make some money with this app?

Of course you spent some money on building it and you want it back. Who wouldn’t? There are a couple of things you can do:

  • Charge for an app.
    But this is so 2009 ☺ so I do not recommend it.
  • Use the iTunes in-app purchase feature and sell some exclusive content inside your app.
    This is a killer! It is proven that it is easy to get people to buy some content in their mobile apps, contrary to your website where they will never spend a cent.
  • Advertising. There are plenty of mobile ad networks out there but most of them will generate pretty low revenue for your app and users will hate it.
  • Put some local advertising into your app.
    If you are building an app with a strong local presence, local ads are killers. Users love them and local business will pay without any problems.


And finally, once you’ve gotten here, go and build yourself an app with ShoutEm Mobilizer ☺. It works great for news portals, events, schools and various niche communities. No coding, no design, no testing, it works on Android and iPhone and you can have it now!


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