Publishing Your App With An iOS Developer Account

The application submission process may seem intricate at times, but ShoutEm takes care of the heavy lifting by submitting your app to the iTunes Store on your behalf. One requirement, which allows you to release your mobile app under your, or your company’s name, is a paid iOS developer account. We have more details on how to sign up, and what information ShoutEm needs from this process, below.


A Quick Note


The iOS developer approval process can take anywhere from three days to a month, depending on the type of account you select (see Individual vs. Company below). It’s easiest to begin the process now, so your account is ready for submission when your app’s review process is complete. We suggest beginning this process immediately, should your application’s approval and in-store date be time-sensitive.

If you already have a paid developer account, you may skip to “Preparing Your Account for ShoutEm’s Submission Process” further down.


Signing Up for the iOS developer account


If you’d like to release your app in the iTunes store, you are required to sign up for a paid Apple developer account. ShoutEm is unable to release your app under our company developer account.

If you don’t already own a paid iOS dev account, you may sign up for one here:

Keep in mind that there are two types of developer accounts with Apple. One is a free account, the other, which you want to make sure you select, is a $99 a year service. The link above will make sure you’re in the right place.

You’ll be prompted with a few options, depending on your existing Apple account situation.


New Developers


The first option is for those who don’t have an Apple ID account. The second option is for those who do have an ID account with Apple, which is typically your iTunes log-in information.


Existing Developers


If you’ve already signed up for a developer account you would choose from the following:

The first option is for those who have the free developer account with Apple. The second option is for those who already have a paid developer account with Apple; Mac/OS X developers, for example.


Individual vs. Company account


Individual accounts require less paperwork/verification, and are typically quicker to be approved. However, you may wish to tie your company, LLC or other business entity to the developer account through the “Company” option. Be prepared to provide copies of your company’s legal documents as proof of ownership. This can extend the amount of time it takes to approve your iOS account.



After verifying which is best for you, you’ll be prompted to complete your professional profile for the account. This is a quick, and required questionnaire.

The last choice you’ll make before the Apple account review process is the program type. For now, all you’ll need is the iOS developer program.



Review Process


Now it’s time for the waiting game… As we mentioned at the start of the article, this process can take anywhere from 3-30 days, and it’s best to be patient and let Apple do their thing. If there’s any part of the process they need to re-confirm or verify, they’ll contact you at the email address you signed up with.

Once Apple approves your your iOS dev account, you’ll have to pay the $99 per year fee and activate the program.

Congrats, iOS developer!


Preparing Your Account for ShoutEm’s Submission Process


When it’s time to submit your finished app to Apple for approval, we’ll need your iOS developer log-in information.

When logged in at, look for the “Publish Info” section in the builder:



As you already have your paid developer account, fill in your iOS dev account log-in information under “Your iOS developer account”.

When you’ve finalized and submitted your app for review, we’ll double-check that your iOS developer account is ready for submission, and email you if we run into any issues.


Questions or Comments?


As always, we’ve got your covered! Send us an email at or use our handy contact form.

We hope that your ShoutEm app is the next big success in the iTunes Store!

Josh Wolff