ShoutEm API WordPress Plugin Upgrade

There is little that can’t be done with WordPress plugins, as they provide many additional levels of functionality for WordPress sites. Whether you want to turn your site into a podcasting platform, add a smart looking gallery to your site, or integrate with external service such as Facebook, you can find a WordPress plugin for just about anything.

Our latest release of the ShoutEm API plugin on WordPress is all about letting you leverage the power of plugins from your ShoutEm mobile app! We’ve made it easier to integrate the most popular content: galleries, podcasts, events, and video plugins. You can see these new changes via the WordPress import panel in ShoutEm builder, under “Integrations”:



Galleries (Photos)


We have provided integration with the two gallery plugins that we feel are the most prominent: NextGEN Gallery and GRAND FlAGallery. There are two aspects of how the galleries integrate with ShoutEm. Firstly, you can use the galleries as photo feeds. For example, the two galleries that we have set up on our test site (safari, and ships), automatically became available inside the Photos section of ShoutEm builder.




For Podcasts, we have selected two plugins: podPress and PowerPress. These plugins make it easy to add a podcast to your posts, and provides a way to create and manage RSS feeds with your podcasts (iTunes podcasts integration is one of the main features). Although you can import RSS podcasts feeds directly into ShoutEm, we now make the integration even easier by automatically detecting your podcast. For example, your “podcasts” feed from WordPress  will automatically appear inside ShoutEm builder:



If you’d like, you can mix in podcasts with your news posts. For example, you could have a category of posts relating to sports, and decide to include an interview as part of one of the posts. Even though that post is not in the podcasts category, the interview will be shown inside your mobile app.




For events integration, the following two plugins are selected: Events Calendar and Events Manager. Event feeds from WordPress will be automatically available under the events section of the builder:





For videos, you can directly embed video inside of your posts, or use one of the popular plugins like: Viper’s Video Quicktags or Smart YouTube PRO. Either way, your videos should be visible in the posts on your mobile app.


The new ShoutEm API Settings panel


You can find this the new settings panel by navigating to “Settings”, and selecting Shoutem API from the menu on the WordPress admin interface. You can control all the basic settings of the plugin from this panel:



1) Change the encryption key

2) Control cache expiration – This setting affects the amount of time that the changes to your posts such as updates and/or adding new posts get propagated to ShoutEm app; For example, it would take one hour for a new post to be visible inside your application if your cache expiration time is set to 3600 seconds, or one hour.

3) “Include featured/thumbnail image” – If unchecked, the “featured image” of a post, as WordPress calls it, is ignored and not shown in the app.

4 ) Facebook/Wordpress comments – You can enable/disable these comment options for your application.

5) Plugins Section – The plugins section lists all of the plugins that ShoutEm is capable of integrating with, and shows you a integration status message for each one.

A big thanks to our own Dino Matijaš for his work on this post!


Questions or Comments?


We’re always here to help! Drop us a line at if you have any questions about the plugin integration process, or in general.

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Josh Wolff