How can I test my apps on iPhone and Android?

We have a Shoutem Preview App available in App Store and Google Play Store. Shoutem Preview is an application that allows you to preview and share the projects created with the Shoutem platform. How do I use it?   Once you’ve downloaded the Shoutem Preview App, open it and you’ll see fields for user and

How can I migrate my app to Shoutem v5?

If you are a v4 user, you probably have noticed that your apps are not automatically migrated to v4. This is because we completely redesigned the architecture to open the platform to third party developers and support completely new line of native apps with much improved performance. Migration assistant We have created the migration assistant to

What does the “number of screens” means?

"Number of screens" is one of the parameters we based our pricing plans on. It denotes the number of different shortcuts you include in your navigation. Each screen  - usually list screen - opened from navigation is counted as one screen.

Why are my push notifications delayed?

Once message has been processed by Shoutem server, it is sent to relevant platform’s push messaging service (such as APNS) using third party messaging  platform such as Firebase. Shoutem does not have control over it any more. The message may be delayed due to various factors and also please note that neither of push notification services

How can I import CSV lists to my app

If you want to speed up your process of creating lists, you can use the CSV importer. First, create a CSV file that has columns for each element of an item. In this example we will create list of People. In this case, the elements are: First name, last name, Title, Biography. In the following People

How can I upgrade Shoutem platform?

To upgrade Shoutem platform, click Settings > Shoutem platform > Details. Here you will see if there are new versions to upgrade to:   Click install to upgrade or read release notes to see what is new. If you are unsure should you upgrade, please read the following article: When I should upgrade Shoutem platform?

How can I clone my app?

To clone your app, go to list of your apps, click the three dot menu and click “Make a copy”. This will create a replica of your original app.

When should I upgrade Shoutem platform?

Shoutem platform is a concept we have introduced with the new major version of Shoutem app builder. It allows extensions developers to rest sure their extension will not break when something in underlying service layers on Shoutem changes. So, when should you upgrade Shoutem platform to the latest version? That depends if you have any custom

How do I create and manage lists in my app

The common way of organising and displaying the data within the app is with lists. News, events, places, products… all those items we present as lists. Each item on those list can be expanded by click where user can see additional details for that particular item. Here is an example of the list of people in