What is developer plan and what is included in it?

Developer plan is specially tailored for developers that want to build their apps and extensions on top of Shoutem platform and/or use Shoutem development tools and libraries such as Shoutem UI toolkit, Shoutem CLI, etc. For more references on how to use Shoutem for developers, please visit shoutem.github.io What developer plan includes? Developer plan is

Shopify integration

In case you already have a webshop based on the Shopify, this integration should be an effortless process. While easily pulling in your products into organized collections, Shopify integration will always provide the updated inventory state, as well as cart functionality. In case you are about to create your first web shop for your mobile

Testing my apps on iPhone and Android

Shoutem Preview App is available in App Store and Google Play Store. Shoutem Preview allows you to preview and share projects created with the Shoutem platform. How do I use it? Download and open the Shoutem Preview App. You’ll see fields for user and password.  Use the same credentials you use to log into your

Migrating my app to Shoutem v5

v4 Users: apps not migrating automatically to v5?   This is because we completely redesigned the architecture, opening the platform to third–party developers and supporting a completely new line of native apps (with much improved performance). The ‘Migration Assistant’ We have created a Migration Assistant to help you migrate your v4 apps to v5. The

What does the “number of screens” means?

"Number of screens" is one of the parameters we based our pricing plans on. It denotes the number of different shortcuts you include in your navigation. Each screen  - usually list screen - opened from navigation is counted as one screen.

Why are my push notifications delayed?

Once message has been processed by Shoutem server, it is sent to relevant platform’s push messaging service (such as APNS) using third party messaging  platform such as Firebase. Shoutem does not have control over it any more. The message may be delayed due to various factors and also please note that neither of push notification services

Importing CSV lists to your app

Use the CSV importer to speed up the process of creating lists   Step 1:  Make the file. Create a CSV file with a column for each element you’ll need in your final list.  We’ve created an example for you.  Click HERE to see the example list as a CSV file. [You can unzip and

How can I upgrade Shoutem platform?

Click Settings > Shoutem platform > Details: Check for new versions. Click Install to upgrade, or, read Release Notes to see what’s new. Note: If you are unsure whether you should upgrade, please read this article: When should I upgrade Shoutem platform?