Migrating apps to Shoutem v5 – mini FAQ

Why my apps are not automatically migrated to v5?

This is because we completely redesigned the architecture of the builder and the apps. To make sure everything works as desired, all migrated apps need to be tested and, in some cases, fine-tuned after the migration.

How can I migrate my app to v5?

We have created a migration assistant to help you migrate your v4 apps to v5. It  can migrate your app, including home screen navigation, all screens, icons and content… to a new v5 app. The migration assistant is still not visible to our users, so if you want to migrate your app to v5, contact our support team! You can expect soon to see a button that will enable you to migrate the app yourself. 

Are all of my app features migrated?

After your app is migrated – the new app will have  you old app structure, design and content. As v5 is completely new product based on the new architecture, with the builder and client applications built completely from scratch, we are not able to migrate your old app 100%. Here are some aspects of the app which would need your attention after the migration:


  • Features that are non existing in v5. If in the moment of migration some v4 feature is not present in v5, the app will migrate without that feature.
  • Features that are somewhat different from v4. If some v4 feature exists in v5 but the features are not completely compatible, that feature will not be migrated (eg. Loyalty).
  • Colour scheme. V5 colour schemes are much more elaborated than those of v4 with more customisation options. This means that it is not possible to make an algorithm that wold migrate correctly all the colour combinations. Thus, we decide to migrate all v4 apps to default v5 colour scheme. You should be able to apply your branding colours to your v5 app easily using the app builder.
  • User generated content. Some user generated content (eg. comments) may not migrate.
  • Migration clones your app content. In other words – the content of your new app is a snapshot of the app’s  content created in the moment of the migration. The content of your old app is not in live sync with the migrated app. Any content, including the new posts, new users etc, that gets created in your old app after the migration, will not be synced with the new app.

What after the migration? 

After your app is migrated, some tweaks and finetuning may be required from your end. Check the above list to get the idea. 

After you do your changes and your new v5 app is ready, contact our support team to request replacing your v4 app with this new one in the app stores. To make sure we are not charging you twice,  your old subscription will be replaced with the new subscription.

I’ve accidentally deleted some of my migrated app content, can I migrate my v4 app again?

Yes, we can migrate your old app again, please contact our support team.

How long will my v4 app remain active after migration?

Your v4 app will remain active until your v5 app is released in the store(s). To make your app user’s experience as frictionless as possible, we will leave your old app active for some time so the users who are still not yet downloaded the new version can still use the v4 app. After your v4 app gets deactivated, it will still be accessible to you in the v4 builder and you can still publish it.

What will be the subscription price for my v5 app?

For one off app – check the pricing at https://new.shoutem.com/pricing/

For agency subscription, contact sales at https://new.shoutem.com/pricing/agency/

What if I decide not to migrate my app to v5?

You can leave it in v4.

Will Shoutem v4 be discontinued?

For time being we do not have plans to discontinue v4.

Can I create new apps on v4?

Creating new apps on v4 is disabled. Your present apps built on v4 will remain intact and you will be able to republish it.

I have more questions

If you have any questions that are still unanswered after reading this FAQ, please contact our support team.