My iOS developer account has two-factor authentication, what should I do?

As you may, or may not know, Apple has recently started to enforce an extra layer of security when logging to your iOS developer account called – two-factor authentication or 2FA. In short, that means there is an extra step that needs to be done on your side, since our publishing team is submitting the

How can I make Shoutem an admin through my Google Play developer account?

We take our customer’s personal account privacy very seriously and understand that some Google Play developer accounts are also tied to your Gmail account. For this reason, you should add Shoutem as Administrator in order to publish your apps. Google Play has a feature in their console which allows you to add us as administrator

I clicked on the Publish button and my app is not in the Stores?

In case you missed a note in builder after clicking on the Publish button, here’s a reminder Your app will not be automatically published in the Apple App and the Google Play Store which is also visible on the builder’s note. In short, here’s how the publishing process works When you click on the Publish

Migrating apps to Shoutem v5 – mini FAQ

Why my apps are not automatically migrated to v5? This is because we completely redesigned the architecture of the builder and the apps. To make sure everything works as desired, all migrated apps need to be tested and, in some cases, fine-tuned after the migration. How can I migrate my app to v5? We have

Feature “X” is not implemented in the new Shoutem platform, what now?

We will be implementing most of the popular features from the old platform (v4) in the new Shoutem platform (v5) and offering them as extensions available to install in your apps. However, we’re not 100% sure about the timing for when these features will go live on v5. The good news is that you don’t

Can I request a custom feature or development?

Yes! Our platform supports custom development and building custom features. Here are the available options: 1) Hire our development team to work to your requirements.  Our team can build either just your custom feature, or the whole app. Contact us at Send us the detailed description of your custom app.  2) Hire your own development team

When should I upgrade the Shoutem platform?

Shoutem platform is a concept we introduced with the newest version of the Shoutem app builder. Shoutem platform allows extensions developers to know that their extension will stay functional even if something changes in Shoutem’s underlying service layers. The answer to: when should you upgrade Shoutem platform to the latest version? depends on whether or